Rogues' Gallery of poor marketing material.

From an insurance company's printed advertisement.

To qualify for the policy "You have never planned or advised to consult a doctor for treatment or awaiting diagnostic reports, follow up treatment or consultation."

Correction: "You do not plan, or have been advised, to consult a doctor for treatment. You are not awaiting diagnostic reports, follow up treatment or further consultation."

From a poster outside a shop in London:

"Satanise your hands here"

Correction: "Sanitise your hands here."

From the subtitles for a TV series

"Look, the handwritings are completely different"

Correction: "Look: the handwriting is completely different."

From an e-mail by a UK Government department - Her Majesty's Courts Service:

" * Weve introduced ....."

"* Weve published details....."

"* Magistrates courts are now ...."

"This will allow on-the-day check-in, self-serving access to case material...."


Apostrophes needed as as to read "We've..." and "Magistrates' Courts" (and there's a missing capital in the original, too.

"self-service" - self-serving means something entirely different and completely inappropriate.

From a media statement by the UK's Companies House, described as "an Executive Agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.":

"News story: Companies House urges all companies to sign up for email reminders 06-11-2020 02:09 PM GMT
Companies should sign up to our email reminder service for annual accounts and confirmation statement - were no longer sending paper reminders by post"


"were" is completely the wrong word. It should be a contraction of two words: "we are" which appears as "we're". Or don't use the contraction.

Short funnies: spot the mistake:

"bank has installed its ATM at Jinnah International Airport Karachi Domestic Departure, to provide excelled cash dispensing services." PR statement 23 Nov 2020.