Make your Marketing Material Memorable with Excellent English.

We're writers and editors. We live with words and we can turn your marketing material from accidentally funny to material with a meaningful message.

Everything from proof reading your advertising to perfecting your product manuals.

You send us your material in English in a text file. We'll quote you a price and give you a turnaround time. If you like what you see, we'll send you an invoice and start work when payment arrives. In most cases, for short pieces, we have a three working day turnaround after we receive your payment by credit card via Stripe.

If you are sending a script for broadcast ads we can also provide help on pronunciation and inflection so that your ads have the impact you need. Just list the words and phrases you want help with in the marked box.

And, yes, we can do voice-overs, too.

Google, Bing and other online translation services do a terrible job. The best they manage is a rough approximation of what you intended to say and, often produce something completely different. Sometimes, its exactly the opposite of what you meant.

This reflects badly on your business and turns people away from your marketing. In the worst cases it can result in danger for your users when the content of manuals is wrong. That can lead to large product liability claims.

We can help.

If you are not confident in your English, we can help.

If you distribute press releases, we can help.

If you post product descriptions on your own website or on on-line services such as, Lazada, Shopee, e-bay and many many more, we can help.

If you intend to broadcast advertising, send us your script: we can help by cleaning up the English and even providing help with pronunciation, phrasing and inflection.

If you produce your own advertising copy for print media or even banners and posters, we can help.

Whatever your requirements for memorable marketing material, we can help you.

Complete the form here and we can help.

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