Quick To Learn More - e-learning platform

We began writing content for third party e-learning platforms in the 1990s under the name Click To Learn More.

In 2002, we launched our own platform dedicated to counter-money laundering training and awareness programmes under the name Quick To Learn More.

Quick To Learn More is a hosted e-learning system that takes users from a foundation course to intermediate level knowledge and understanding covering principles, law, regulation and activity specific risk with modules for many countries and many business areas including retail banking, investment banking, law and accounting firms, insurance companies, insurance brokers, real estate agents and many more.

With the full technical abilities of The Anti Money Laundering Network and the news and information services of Vortex Centrum's World Money Laundering Report team behind it, Quick To Learn More is the ideal e-learning solution for all market segments and all sizes of operation in countries all over the world.

For more information see www.quicktolearnmore.com

The e-learning platform is is hosted at www.antimoneylaunderingtraining.com.